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Drive new business enquiries through good old-fashioned relationship building with Lunch and Learn

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How we work:

Getting your ideal customers in the room

By researching your Ideal Customer Profile and integrating it into your account list, we enhance targeting precision. A dedicated SDR and Email Marketer are assigned to craft a bespoke outreach sequence, utilizing phone, email, and LinkedIn. This approach is bolstered by strategic pre- and post-event engagement tactics.

How it works:

Event Coordination and execution

Your dedicated project manager will assist in all aspects of on-the-day logistics, from restaurant booking to dietary requirements and transport advice, ensuring you can get to know your ideal customers in the ideal ambience, stress-free.

Why it works:

Benefits to you (and your attendees)

Get in the room with your ideal potential customers in an informal setting.

Sell without selling. Let your potential customers get to know the real you and build relationships.

Well, we know it works! We host two Sessions per month ourselves and thus far we have a 30x ROI compared to the cost of hosting the events and acquiring new customers.

This is an exclusive and tailored experience where your potential customers can get to know you and your business in a casual setting

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Lunch with 

Leading Prospects

Engage with top decision-makers directly over a two-hour lunch. Shorten enterprise sales cycles, build B2B relationships with your top accounts and convert attendees into enterprise deals.
Fill My Lunches

Dine with Decision-Makers

Crafting Connections Over Cuisine


Our Lunch and Learn as a Service (L&LaaS) gets you in front of your Ideal Customer Personas (ICPs). 
We fill 2-hour lunches each month with at least 8 ICPs from your key target accounts. We also do this for ourselves - join us for one of our Nectar lunches to see our L&L in action!

Join Nectar's Lunch

Tailored Targeting

Creation of a bespoke list of top 100 target accounts for focused engagement.

Engagement Excellence

Proactive cold outreach by our SDRs to secure ICP registrations and attendance.

Conversion Mastery

Leveraging our proven strategy to convert 60% of MQLs into SQLs.


Unparalleled Advantages

Experience the transformative benefits of our L&L sessions: direct access to decision-makers, enhanced sales conversions, nurtured opportunities, and a bolstered pipeline in just three months, driving sustained growth.

Direct Access to Decision Makers
Conversion Catalyst (25% on average!)
Opportunity Nurturing
3x Enterprise Pipeline Growth


Maximising Lead Potential

We only put Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) in front of you. Our team of sales rep apply lead scoring (e.g. BANT) & qualify every single attendee to ensure they fit your ICP before we book them for lunch. We’ve seen Lunch & Learn sessions convert an average of 2 out of 8 attendees into actual deals. That’s a record-breaking 25% conversion rate!


Not reaching your marketing goals?

We employ a data-driven marketing strategy, that is focused on improving conversions at all stages of your funnel.

Unable to secure a volume of leads?

We do the cold outreach, qualify leads using our BANT score system, bringing you fruitful discovery meetings.

Trouble closing your ideal clients?

We follow the Sandler sales approach which includes rapport building, identifying pain points and post-sell.

Case Study

Empowering Connections

Discover how we helped a data & analytics training company beat out competitors in the already crowded training industry. We helped them build a US$220k pipeline of BFSI enterprise deals with just their first lunch.



Run Your Own Lunch?

Thinking of running L&L on your own? Check out our playbook - a step-by-step guide that shows you how to run your own Lunch and Learn. We don’t hold back on details, so download our playbook today!


L&L as a Service

Tell us who your ideal customer personas are and our team will fill your lunches with them. Speak to us today and we'll help you get in touch with key decision makers.

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